Machine RPM Calculator – By Pulley Size & Motor RPM

To find a machine rpm, select the unit, enter the motor rpm, pulley 1 diameter, pulley 2 diameter and click on Calculate.

RPM Calculator

RPM Calculator


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RPM Calculator- Formula

To calculate machine RPM we need the motor RPM and both pulley sizes. Specify the dimension unit (e.g., millimetres, centimetres, inches, or feet) for consistency. Select the “Calculate” button, and the RPM calculator will provide fast results including machine RPM, motor RPM, Pulley 1 diameter and Pulley 2 diameter.

The formula for machine RPM is mentioned below:

Machine RPM= (Motor r.p.m × Pulley 1 Diameter)/Pulley 2 Diameter

Example: RMP= (1465 x 200)/250 = 1172 (rpm)

  1. Motor RPM is the rotational speed of the motor.
  2. Pulley 1 diameter refers to the diameter of the motor(drive) pulley.
  3. Pulley 2 diameter represents the diameter of the machine (driven) pulley.
  4. Dimensions are in mm (millimetres).

It is basic information for engineers, mechanics and technicians, helping them make informed decisions and optimize machinery performance.

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