Metal Angle Weight Calculator

To calculate angle weight, select the material type, and enter the length in meters (m). But, side “A” and side “B”, and thickness dimensions are in mm.

Angle image

On entering the value, click on the Calculate button.

Calculation Formula:

The weight of the metal angle is calculated using the formula:

Weight (kg) = Density × Length × (Side A + Side B – Thickness) × Thickness


  • Density is the density of the selected metal type in kg/mm³.
  • Length is the length of the metal angle in millimeters.
  • Side A and Side B are the lengths of the two sides of the angle in millimeters.
  • Thickness is the thickness of the angle in millimeters.

The weight in pounds (lbs) is calculated by converting the weight in kilograms using the conversion factor 2.20462.

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