Weight converter – Kilogram, Tonne, Ounce, US Ton

To use this calculator, select the units you want to convert from and to in the dropdown menus. Enter the value you wish to convert in the input field and click the “Convert” button. The converted value and additional information will be displayed below.


The Weight conversion depends on your unit selection and input price, and is calculated by the conversion factor with the input price.

These are important in various fields to understand the units. It helps us maintain uniformity in measurements across different weight unit systems. This calculator simplifies the process by providing instant conversions.

Different units are used for different purposes. For example, micrograms are often used in medical dosages, while tons are used in industrial contexts. This calculator supports a wide range of units, you can use it for a variety of needs.

How many weight units are generally used?

The units of weight may vary across different regions and cultures. However, in terms of units of weight, there are main 8 units that are commonly used around the world.

Below are the names and examples of each weight unit:

1. Kilogram (kg)

Kilograms are used to measure the weight of medium to large objects. 1 kilogram equals 1000 grams.

  • Example: A standard bag of rice weighs 1 kilogram.

2. Grams (g)

Grams are used for small objects. 1000 grams equal to 1 kilogram.

  • Example: A paperclip weighs approximately 1 gram.

3. Milligrams (mg)

Milligrams are used for very small objects, it is widely used in medical and scientific contexts. 1000 milligrams equals 1 gram.

  • Example: A grain of salt weighs approximately 60 milligrams.

4. Micrograms (mcg)

Micrograms are used for very small measurements, especially in medicine. 1000 micrograms make 1 milligram.

  • Example: A grain of pollen weighs about 25 micrograms.
5. US ton

The U.S. ton is used for large, heavy objects, especially in industrial contexts. 1 U.S. ton equals 2000 pounds.

  • Example: You can imagine a small car weighs approximately 1 U.S. ton.
6. Stone

Stone is a British unit used to measure body weight. 1 stone equals 14 pounds.

  • Example: Generally, a person’s body weight may be 12 stone.
7. Pound (lb)

This weight unit (pound) is used in the United States to measure body weight and food items. 1 pound is equal to 16 ounces.

  • Example: You can imagine a large loaf of bread, weighing about 1 pound.
8. Ounce (oz)

Ounces are used for small weights, you might have heard someone using it while cooking. 16 ounces make 1 pound.

  • Example: A slice of bread weighs about 1 ounce.

These examples give you a clear practical understanding of various weight units, and you can use these units in your daily life.

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