MS Plate Weight Calculator – By Thickness, Width, Length

This metal weight calculator accurately calculates the weight of MS metal plate in different units like millimeters, inches, feet, or meters. It easily converts between units and provides accurate weight calculations, making it a reliable tool for engineers and professionals.

MS Metal Weight Calculator

Metal Plate Weight Calculation Formula

The formula for calculating the weight of a metal plate is based on the volume of the plate and the density of the metal. The basic formula is mentioned below:

Weight (in kilograms) = Volume (in cubic millimeters) * Density (in grams per cubic centimeter). However, for more practical purposes, it’s common to use the following formula:

Formula: Weight (in kilograms) = (Thickness x Width x Length x Density) / 1000

Thickness is the thickness of the metal plate (in millimeters).

Width is the width of the metal plate (in millimeters).

Length is the length of the metal plate (in millimeters).

Density is the density of the metal material (in grams per cubic centimeter).

The division by 1000 is used to convert the volume from cubic millimeters to liters and obtain the weight in kilograms.

Note: This metal weight calculator only supports mm, inches, feet, and meter units, and provides weight in kilograms. Use the appropriate units for your specific application and material density.

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