Square Bar Weight Calculator: Calculation Formula

To calculate MS square bar weight, you need to enter the width and length of the square bar in mm. Click on the Calculate button. It shows results in kilograms and pounds.

Square Bar Weight Calculator

Square Bar Weight Calculation Formula

The calculation formula for the MS (mild steel) square bar weight is as follows:

Calculate the volume of the square bar in cubic meters (m³):

1: Volume (m³) = (Side Length (mm) / 1000)² * (Bar Length (mm) / 1000)

  • Square Bar Side Length should be in millimetres (mm).
  • Square Bar Length should be in millimetres (mm).

2: Calculate the weight of the square bar in kilograms (kg):

Weight (Kg) = Volume (m³) * Density (Kg/m³)

  • Square bar material density should be in kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m²). For example, the density of steel is typically about 7850 kg/m³.

3: Now you can convert weight kilograms to pounds (lbs) when needed:

  • Weight (Lbs) = Weight (Kg) * 2.20462

So, this formula calculates the weight of a square bar based on its side length and length in millimetres (mm), and the density of the material.

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